Gundello Godavari Movie Review


Gundello Godavari Movie Review

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TA Rating :- 3/5
Cast & Crew :- lakshmi Prasanna,Tapsee,Sandeep Krishna,Adhi
Banner :- Manchu Entertainments
Music :- Ilayaraja
Direction :- Kumar Nagendra

What is Gundello Godavari Story ?

The story is set in the backdrop of 1986 floods. The movie opens with Malli (Aadi Pinnisetty) and Chitra (Lakshmi Manchu) in wedding wear and about to get married. Just then, floods hit the village and scatter everybody. Malli and Chitra gets stranded on a heap of grass and waits for some one to rescue their lives. Slowly they start to break out about their past lives to each other and then comes Suri (Sandeep Kishan) and Sarala (Tapsee) in to the picture. What is that about and how they get save forms the rest of the story.

How they performed?:

Lakshmi Manchu is the show stealer of the four people. Her acting is nothing sort of the word wonderful and lived up to the name of her father. She even put a great deal of hard work in the Godavari accent and managed it perfectly. Tapsee is super beautiful in the attire of a village girl. The tinge of arrogance needed for a rich girl is efficiently managed. This character will be an important milestone in her filmography.

Aadi Pinnisetty is great as usual as a fisher man and he also managed to have the rugged look as demanded by the character. Sandeep Kishan gets a very limited role and he is okay. Rest of them are good to their abilities.

Technical Performances:

The movie subject is not any alien. It is quite simple but the backdrop selected is a bit new and different. Debutant Kumar Nagendra had stumbled up on the treatment of the story. There are many unexplained loose ends of the movie which disrupt the audience from enjoying the movie. The screenplay goes wayward and the narration becomes pathetically slow in the second half. Also the entertainment part is very low.

All the songs composed by Ilayaraja are situational and the rerecording engrosses the audience in to the mood of the story. Kudos to the grand old man! Editing by Nagi Reddy could have been a lot better. Cinematography by Palani Kumar is awesome and art work by Murali Kondeit is quite natural.

Final Say:

The director had failed to weave the story well between the four people involved. The technical departments are taken good care of but the all important narration is neglected which eventually tests the patience of the audience with its snail pace. Finally, Gundello Godari is a decent watch provided you can manage the sluggish narration. We will have to see how it performs at the box office!

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