Mr. Nookayya (2012) Telugu Movie Review

Mr. Nookayya (2012) Telugu Movie Review
Banner: Sri Sailendra Cinema
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Kriti Kharbanda, Sana Khan, Brahmaji, Ahuti Prasad, Brahmanandam, Direction:
Anil Krishna

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer: DS Rao 
Manchu Manoj, Kirti Kharbanda and Sana Khan starrer Mr.Nookayya movie is all set to hit the screens today. Mr.Nokia is directed by Anil Krishna and produced by D.S.Rao under the Sri Shailendra Cinema Banner. The audio of the Mr.Nokia bagged a good success, the songs are on top list of chart-busters and the unit recently celebrated its triple platinum disc function  too. Yuvan Raja composed scored the tunes for this Movie and Mr.Nokia said to be an action thriller. Manchu Manoj is very confident about the Mr.Nookayya. The Movie earlier titled as Mr.Nokia but later it was changed to Mr.Nokia.Lets see Manchu Manoj Mr.Nokia Movie Review.
Manoj Manchu’s Holi Hungama movie Mr.Nookaya-No Caption Only Action hit about 450 theaters today. Here is how the movie went.
Mr.Nokia (Manoj Manchu) is a thief who steals mobiles only. At one point in life he decides to make one last theft and take the better road to life. He plans to settle down with Sana Khan who is his girlfriend. As he plans his last robbery he meets Anu (Kirti Kharbanda). She is a bank manager who is carrying an amount of 2crore rupees. He plans to take her down as his last target and steals the money from her. Now the story takes a twist and Nokia is duped by his girlfriend.
As time passes he comes across Anu again and discovers that the money was the ransom which was needed to rescue her kidnapped husband. He now feels guilty and sees his chance to finally do a good deed by helping her get her husband back. Will Nokia finally manage to take the good path in his life? Will he succeed in helping Anu get her husband back? Go ahead and watch the movie!!
The first half the movie is good to an extent but an editing job which has gone bad and stole the charm away from it. The director has also not kept the screenplay up to the mark.
The after interval movie stays true to its tag line “No Caption Only Action”. It is packed with good action sequences and has kept the action hungry fans happy. With a few twist and turns the movie comes to its climax managing to hold peoples interest to the end.
Actor Manoj Manchu’s performance is the silver lining of this movie. He has done his role very well proving his caliber as an actor. His dance moves and action sequences have left the audience applauding his performance. His female leads Kirti Kharbanda and Sana Khan have also managed to keep up their acting skills on par with his.
Bramhanadam and Vennela Kishore have managed to tickle a few funny bones here and there. The rest of the cast also did an appreciable job.
Technical Aspects:
Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music was good and people enjoyed it. The background score was also done in his typical style. The cinematography was nice but a bit on the glitzy side. The editing needed to be better. It would have definitely given the movie a smooth flow. The director Anil has not missed the mark totally. He has managed to keep people in their seats right till the end.  The action sequences and the dances were the highlight of the movie. Producer D.S. Rao has surely spent lavishly on the movie and has produced it very well.
So guys what are you waiting for? After having drenched yourself with colors and playing some tiresome Holi you can head to the theaters and watch this movie to complete your Holi Holiday.
Final Verdict:
Mr.Nookaya is a mild average entertainer with a bundle of good performance from the lead star. Manoj’s energetic and lively Performance has lifted the movie from being a normal one to being a good one. The ball is now in the audience’s court, we need to see if they like it or let it pass as an average movie.
 Mr. Nookayya Movie Rating: 2.75/5
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