Aanandam Telugu Mp3



Cast : Akash, Rekha
Director : Srinu VytlaMusic : Devi Sri Prasad

Anandam Telugu Movie-Telugu Mp3 Songs Download Here :
  1. Anandam - Tippu
  2. Kanulu Terichinna – Mallikarjun, Sumangali
  3. Monalisa - Devi Sri Prasad, Kalpana
  4. Evarina - Pratap
  5. Evarina Eppudina – Chitra
  6. Oka Merupu – Sunitarao
  7. Premante Emitante – Devi Sri Prasad, Mallikarjun, Sumangali


Kiran (Akash) and Aishwarya (Rekha) are neighbors for 20 years in Hyderabad. They study in the same college and immensely hate each other. Rekha’s parents shift to Ooty. In Ooty house, Aishwarya founds an unopened greeting card addressed to Deepika (Tanu Roy). Aishwarya comes to know that Deepika is the girl who stayed in that room in the past. Deepika committed suicide because her lover Vamsi (Venkat) did not return after going to Hyderabad.
Aishwarya opens the letter addressed to Deepika and realizes that Vamsi wrote it. It’s a sensitive letter written by Vamsi explaining his feelings towards her. Aishwarya does not want to disappoint Vamsi that Deepika is no more. She starts writing letters on the name of ‘Deepika’. Interestingly, on the other side Kiran would be replying all these mails on the name of ‘Vamsi’, as Vamsi dies of accident in Hyderabad.
The rest of the film is about how these two people come to know about the real story and turn the their hatred into love.

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Aanandam Telugu Mp3, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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